LeClair Media Marketing Agency Photoshoot with LeClair Organics

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LeClair Media Marketing Commercial Photography & Social Media Marketing with LeClair Organics

LeClair Media recently did a lifestyle photography shoot with partner brand LeClair Organics for their social media marketing.  LeClair Organics main products are their Liberica Coffee and Cascara Tea sold across Canada through ecommerce.  I’m excited to share some of the favorites from this dreamy golden hour shoot in Vancouver with Heidy, Founder of Kysa Management and Chau Founder of CLE MANAGEMENT.  LeClair Organics is the partner brand of LeClair Media which arose during slower business times during the pandemic scenario.  It was somewhat predictable ahead of time that businesses whom are are going to be closed for temporarily due to pandemic scenarios are most likely not going to be as likely begin new marketing.  Therefore thinking ahead of time I decided that with many years of helping other businesses with marketing their brands, it was time to develop my own brand.   The LeClair Organics current home base is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan however has sales across Canada.  Interestingly enough the brand has gained more popularity outside of the home province!  Therefore this shoot was shot in Vancouver and aimed at expanding the reach to the BC market.

LeClair Media Marketing Agency commercial photography and social media marketing with LeClair Organics


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