LeClair Media Founder Featured in Maclean’s Magazine

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LeClair Media Founder Featured in Macleans MagazineRecently LeClair Media marketing agency‘s founder myself Jeremy LeClair was featured in Maclean’s Magazine regarding the relatively new partner business LeClair Organics which focuses currently on 3 coffee products.  During the pandemic scenario it was predictable to see that the next year or more was going to be an exceptionally unique business landscape.  Quite simply the businesses whom were temporarily closed or severely limited physical capacity due to the pandemic were not going to have the same marketing services, social media marketing or commercial photography/content creation budgets.  Therefore thinking in advance I started looking for a diversification & expansion of new revenues.  There were many product ideas considered however I was particularly looking for something common to a wide group of people and not yet on the marketplace.  It was exceptionally hard to find something very unique, yet not too unique that it would be a niche.  After much research I leveraged the expertise I have from food & beverage photography and inspiration from many previous clients.

LeClair Media Commercial Photography liberica specialty coffee cocktail

I decided upon 3 coffee products not yet quite adopted to the market in Canada nor the USA.  The article focuses on primarily on the liberica coffee and racemosa coffee.  To read more specifically on the article posted in Maclean’s click the link here: “This Saskatoon man is selling two rare species of coffee. Experts say he’s on to something.  You’re likely familiar with arabica and robusta. But have you ever tried Liberica? Jeremy LeClair’s pandemic pivot might be coming at just the right time for the specialty coffee crowd.”


LeClair Media Marketing Agency Founder Jeremy LeClair Featured in Macleans Magazine




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