LeClair Media Marketing Agency Photography May 2021

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LeClair Media Marketing Agency Photography May 2021

LeClair Media is a marketing agency focused on content creation and commercial photography services.  However sometimes it is nice to focus on the artistry and fun of the photography without the need to produce an end result for a client.   As well moving towards the mastery of the craft you need to continuously work on your skills and push your boundaries no matter the level you are at.  I’ve prepared a small gallery collection of some recent photography of the past month or so from May 2021.  This includes scenic shots from both Vancouver, BC and Saskatoon Saskatchewan.   Landscape photography is also an integral piece of photography work for brands.  The landscape sets the scene and without words tells the story of your imagery.  Having clean landscape photography included within commercial photography, social media marketing and  portrait photography will give depth to the work.  It is nice to sometimes have a simple clean white or coloured backdrop for portraits.  However having an articulate composition of scenery and set design can provide added added details to the visual story you are trying to tell.

These photographs are more for fun and the artistry of photography, yet I hope to bring this same passion and attention to the details towards the commercial client work as well.

LeClair Media Marketing Agency Photography May 2021 coal harbour vancouver


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