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Check out highlights of LeClair Media’s Video Production,  Brand Management / Social Media Marketing and Brand Photography below.

Video Production

Our cinematography and post production talent is exceptionally experienced for any of your video production / videography requirements including brand videos, event videos, social media videos, music videos or other creative projects.  We will lead you through the pre-production, production & post production phases of video production.  As creative director, we also optimize planning within your overall marketing & content strategy

Discuss to upgrade & differentiate your visuals.  At the higher end, rent cinema lenses as used on your favorite movies & shows as seen on Netflix.

Samantha Marcoux & Quiet Life Yoga Studio Brand Video

Video Promotion for Vern’s Pizza

Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba

Quiet Life Yoga Studio Brand Video

Brand Management & Social Media Marketing

Work with experts to elevate your brand and articulate your creative vision into reality.

We develop compelling content for brands with a focus on quality.  Create a meaningful and authentic connection to your audience with the development of original videography and photography content on a regular basis.  Our content creation talents become your primary visuals, branding and social media marketing.  Operating as your “creative director”, we will manage your projects with an integrative approach towards the best strategy for your ongoing goals, vision & budgets.

Our experience is well beyond just the creative disciplines.  Our extensive knowledge extends to business/marketing strategy, branding & “the why” behind your content creation.  We know the budgets, CAC, CLV, and operating cost ratios for optimal return on investment numbers across industries.

Photography Highlights

Work with us as the creative director for your brand photography and therefore also consider our professional visuals as your brand management & social media marketing on an ongoing basis.

  Our commercial photography  services are specialized in lifestyle photography, fashion photography, portrait photography, food photography, cocktail photography, event photography or other brand photography work that you may require including for social media marketing & branding.

Fashion Photography & Portrait Photography

As the creative director we will lead the shoot for your fashion photography requirements.  We also take this same level of detail & quality to our portrait work across all industries.  We will manage and have access the top HMU hair/makeup, stylists/wardrobe, model agencies, set decoration or other resources to align with your brand aesthetics and budget .

See more highlights below.

Food Photography / Product Photography / Professional Food Styling / Cocktail Styling

A specialty niche of ours is professional food styling, cocktail styling and food photography.  In collaboration with your brand or sometimes chef/mixologist talent we will create the imagery per your desired aesthetics.  Conceive original cocktails or recipe creations per your requirements!  Sessions are well suited for restaurants, lounge/cocktail bars, cafés, food & beverage brands, markets/grocers, ethically sourced ingredient suppliers and alcoholic beverage brands (beer, wine and spirits).

In addition to the niche of food photography, the same skills and techniques are utilized for general product photography.  Your product imagery most importantly communicates who you are and what you are providing.  We provide professional photography, lighting & sometimes mini set decorations per your aesthetics required.

Post Production

Work with post production experts with experience in editing, animation, motion graphics & colourist work.

Our talent is capable of work such as logo animation design, animated short video clips & animated social media posts/reels, photo slideshows, video promotions or other creative video concepts.

Consider an ongoing number of motion graphics or photo+video slideshows/reels included in your social media posts.

Models, Influence, Brand Partnership

Be strategic with whom you include in your professional content.  Authentically expand upon your external network with trustworthy and relevant personalities.  Connect and partner with relevant people whom have respected influence / industry leadership and community of 20,000 – 100,000 + people.  Gain access to an engaged audience.  Immediately increase your brand trust, therefore also meaning increased CAC (cost to acquire a customer) & CLV(customer lifetime values).  Target very specific demographics, psychographics or regions.

Video Marketing & Distribution


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