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LeClair Media was glad to do both video production / videography and brand photography for Samantha Marcoux’s Quiet Life Yoga Studio.

We previously posted the results of the brand launch videos.  For this post I will share many of the great brand photography / lifestyle photography shots we took.  We are exceptionally glad to be a part of the imagery that launches Samantha’s new business.

We don’t take it lightly that we in many ways become the visual representation of the entrepreneurs we work with.  The photos / videos we create become the focal point of their exceptional hard work that is done behind the scenes.  Therefore we are glad to be the resources they require to become an exceptional brand!

Doing a yoga photography shoot is a very similar process to how I would approach a lifestyle/fashion photography shoot.  The exception is that yoga creates a unique diversity of athletic movement and body angles.  Having a yoga background definitely helps.  It is a challenge beyond the regular fashion/lifestyle/portrait photography poses, but also adds some fun to the shoot!

See the additional videos we have done for Samantha / quiet life yoga studio here.

Below are some highlight photos chosen from our photography and video production session with Samantha Marcoux & Quiet Life Yoga Studio:



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