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LeClair Media Marketing Agency & video production company with Samantha Marcoux Quiet Life Yoga Studio brand launch

LeClair Media is glad to be a part of Samantha Marcoux’s Quiet Life Yoga Studio Brand Launch.  It is exciting to be a part of the launch by providing video production / videography and brand photography.  All of the planning and preparation for Samantha has finally come to life.  We are awaiting soon to see what the location looks like inside once the first classes start!  We really feel that this set of projects represents what LeClair Media as a whole has set out to do from the very beginning.  Therefore meaning our mission is to connect with other inspiring people/entrepreneurs with exceptional passion for their expertise / niche and to provide them with resources they need to become an equally exceptional brand.  It is of course a great responsibility to know that the visuals and visual representation of someone’s brand launch is within your hands.

Shooting for yoga or any fitness type of videography requires quite a strong preparation for the particular body movements, angles and  creative shots that you will not otherwise usually encounter.  It is definitely very helpful having a years of yoga classes before going into this shoot!


See the videos we have done for Samantha below!  We will create a separate post next to show all of the beautiful photos we have created as well.






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