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LeClair Media and LeClair Organics Liberica Bernardaud Gold Espresso Ecume cup

LeClair Media was recently featured in many major media sources with partner company LeClair Organics.  The founding story of LeClair Organics is deeply rooted from the experience and inspirations gained through the journey with LeClair Media.

In the beginning, what seemed to be a relatively modest citing with a published paper in Nature.com became the core story behind many other published articles thereafter.

This Nature.com article “The re-emergence of Liberica coffee as a major crop plant” with Dr. Aaron Davis of Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, Senior Research Leader of Crops and Global Change and team has become an exciting conversation point amongst several major medias.  This article investigates several liberica stakeholders & coffee experts across the globe. In reference to the Malaysian & Southeast Asia Liberica, this would be our beans and, yes they liked the taste!

Major media articles published currently include WIRED MagazineThis Seriously Hipster Bean Is Coffee’s Best Hope for Survival“, the New York Times What Climate Change Could Mean for the Coffee You Drink“, and Big Think “Liberica, a rare type of coffee, could dominate by the end of the century” amongst others.


LeClair Media and LeClair Organics as featured on Wired Magazine Liberica Coffee


The NYT article is less specific to Malaysian Liberica, however this is quite exciting nonetheless.  Being the market leaders “ahead of the curve” bringing to Liberica to Canada and soon North America, this is of course important visibility.

Per the NEW YORK TIMES: How does Liberica excelsa taste when it’s dried, hulled and roasted? Dr. Davis called it “smooth” and “easy drinking.” It is heavy in aroma, lower in caffeine than robusta.

“It’s the Beaujolais nouveau,” he said.



eClair Media and LeClair Organics as featured on Nature with New York Times Liberica Coffee

Jeremy also went live with @mattgalloway on CBC Radio Canada’s “The Current” regarding our Liberica Coffee and being the Canadian source of this distinctive coffee species.  Also on the line was Senior WIRED magazine Reporter Matt Reynolds as part of the discussion regarding the recent WIRED Magazine Liberica article.  This interview is on CBC Online also available posted on Spotify & Apple Podcasts.


LeClair Media & LeClair Organics Liberica Coffee as featured on in The Current with Matt Galloway and WIRED Magazine correspondant

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