Lifestyle Photography Shoot for LeClair Organics

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LeClair Media Lifestyle photography for LeClair Organics Vancouver, British Columbia

Brand Launch Lifestyle Photography for LeClair Organics

Back at the end of August 2019 I (Jeremy) did Lifestyle Photography / Fashion Photography for the LeClair Organics brand launch in Vancouver, British Columbia.  This is also a mew partner brand of LeClair Media.  After working with many entrepreneurs and brands I was influenced to begin my own brand.  I believe that LeClair Organics will work well aligned with the experience from a marketing agency and my passion for food and beverage photography.

This shoot particularly focused primarily on a new Liberica Coffee product.  However LeClair Organics has launched 3 distinctly unique coffee products available to Canada

  • Liberica Coffee (Coffea Liberica) a distinct coffee species rarely seen in North America
  • Coffee Berry Tea, the flavourful berry removed and discarded from the bean in coffee production. A major upcycle opportunity
  • Racemosa Coffee (Coffea Racemosa) the rarest available coffee species in the world

Lifestyle Shoot For LeClair Organics Gallery


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