Fastener Warehouse Video Production Saskatoon with LeClair Media

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Recently LeClair Media connected with the team at Fastener Warehouse during a growth period and time for rebranding, therefore including new video production and brand photography.

The size and scale of their 3 connected warehouses at the Saskatoon location was a less frequented opportunity to showcase some unique aerial shots.  We were able to get some great speed and height behind our shots due to the wide open space and large facility!


Fastener Warehouse is a wholesale distributor of specialty and standard fasteners with services including custom made-to-print items, vendor managed inventory, kitting and packaging.  A leader and wide portfolio of clients for all manufacturing sectors including agriculture, forestry, mining, oil and gas, recreational vehicles, and cabinet making with operation locations in Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Calgary and growing across Canada.  Fastener Warehouse being also connected to the Citylife Investment Corp. extensive group of companies and real estate portfolios.

See the Fastener Warehouse teaser reel with the video production work with LeClair Media below.  Soon to be posted the full video work to be updated:


See below pictures gathered with Fastener Warehouse:


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