Vern’s Pizza with LeClair Media Video Production & Food Photography

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LeClair Media Video Production and Videography company food photography shoot with Vern's Pizza

LeClair Media recently did a Video Production & Food Photography shoot with Vern’s Pizza.  Upon the upcoming summer months there are some exiting new product developments and promotions.  It is always essential to stay on top of the seasonality of your business and therefore marketing strategy plus execution.  It is always a great time shooting pizza and of course a well known favourite across the provinces.  That being said, essentially makes for the best tasting props you could ever find.  Of course, not exactly a pizza party and it is not as easy as it sounds, as for example the cheese can sometimes start to look bad within only 10-20 minutes or less.

It is important when shooting to incorporate all elements required for the purpose behind the photos.  There are several types of strategies and looks that may be created pending the purpose of the shots such as if for social media, graphic design, websites, print etc.  We shot a variety of styled product shots amongst some more clean and polished product focused shots.  Some shots with intent to be posted directly, others meant for posters of graphic cutouts etc.

We worked with Vern’s Pizza to create an exceptionally exciting new summer product launch. Within this we decided upon new product photography combined with polished looking quick video promotion.  Something that would be great for distribution across all diverse locations.  Sometimes simplicity is a good way to go, therefore we made quick polished promo videos for the new summer promo items. LeClair Media is capable to many creative animation and motion graphics possibilities. These may include logo animation design, animated short video clips & social media posts, photo slideshows, video promos or other creative concepts. Work with an expert team specialized in post production, with in-house talent. Enhance your production value with advanced animation and motion graphics. With use of Adobe After Effects amongst other leading post production software tools, the same as you would find used on some of your favorite movies.

LeClair Media Video Production and Videography company food photography shoot with Vern's Pizza

It is exciting to see continual expansion of Vern’s and the infamous 10 pound Mamma Mia across current Saskatoon 4 locations, Martensville, Prince Albert, Regina, Calgary 2 locations, Lloydminster, and now more recently Manitoba with two locations in Winnipeg!

As a final note, as a person whom is a big pizza fan and am able to taste the “photography props”, I will say the new pizza flavours are exceptional.


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