Tapps Saskatoon Breakfast Menu Product Photography Shoot

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LeClair Media recently worked with Tapps Saskatoon / Tapps Yorkton / for the restaurant launch and to finish off the breakfast menu and food photography menu shoot.

It is always exciting to do the food photography / product photography and styling of the plates & food.  Out of the 4 P’s of marketing 101 is the “product”.  The imagery, photography and brand positioning is part of your product and in many ways the visual representation of what you have worked towards.  The visuals represent the hard work put towards your product/menu design, the dedication to quality, the perceived value of the item and perhaps perhaps most important the perception of if it makes you want to eat it/ choose a place to eat, or online order.   Of course that being said, reviewing this breakfast shoot and the other post for the rest of the Tapps menu shoot the food looks as good as it tasted!  We’re looking forward to the next breakfast visit to try some more items out!

Leclair Media Video Marketing agency and video production company with Tapps for social media-marketing and food photography


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