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I’m glad to share some pictures from the recent lifestyle photography with Katelyn Lehner.  She has been working very hard to produce her new music and has recently released her new single titled “Red”.  Our first location was at the Remai Modern Art Gallery Saskatoon.  There are lots of exceptional views of the Saskatchewan River from this location.  Our second location was at the Lucky Bastard Distillery Saskatoon in their event’s rental room.  It had great aesthetics for photography, but its also regularly used for business events, weddings, and a few acoustic music performances.

Katelyn’s Bellezza Moda jewelry was a great addition to her look.  This shoot was also as part of promoting the Bellezza Moda jewelry.  Bellezza Moda can be found across many distributor locations and their flagship stores in Regina and Saskatoon.

It has been great to be out doing Covid-19 safe shoots such as this one.  Luckily with a few simple adaptations and safety measures we are able to get back to doing commercial photography, lifestyle photography and fashion photography in a safe manner.


Lifestyle Shoot with Katelyn Lehner, Commercial Photography and Fashion photography Saskatoon


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