Katelyn Lehner’s Single Release “Red”

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LeClair Media Commercial Photography Katelyn Lehner single release red

It was quite an enjoyable photography shoot at Katelyn Lehner‘s Single Release “Red”.  The show was put on at The Capitol Music Club, one of Saskatoon’s prime music venues.

The show looked quite different than a usual concert at the Capitol with Covid-19 still a lingering issue.  However this didn’t seem to dampen the spirits for this single release!  The show was put on very carefully with many precautionary measures were being taken to ensure safety of all guests.  Temperature were taken as a precautionary measure.  This was a seated performance to ensure people stay secluded in their own bubbles.  If people are to walk around they are guided to wear a mask.  Contact information was taken to ensure any precautionary contact tracing.


LeClair Media Commercial Photography for Katelyn Lehner single release red

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