Jeffery Straker Saskatchewan Jazz Festival with LeClair Media

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LeClair Media Video Production Company with Jeffery Straker at the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival

LeClair Media video production & brand photography was exceptionally glad to have been a part of the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival and the Jeffery Straker set as the official photography partner.  Seeing the local homegrown Saskatchewan talent Jeffery Straker & crew to take the stage at one of the top Saskatoon events of the Summer was definitely a highlight for LeClair Media!

I have to say, many artists may have decided to postpone or delay due to the rain beginning to pick up outside.  However the band did not hesitate even with rain on the keyboard and soon thereafter a mini dance floor started to emerge.  That being said, I think the shots taken of this rainy performance and audience are quite authentic captures in the moment and possibly my favorite of the Jazz Fest.

The new festival location in Victoria Park was an exceptional venue, setting the scene with a great backdrop view of the Saskatchewan River.  It will be exciting to see how this new location allows for extra space and potential for ongoing event expansion.  We are looking forward to the 2024 Jazz Fest announcements regarding the lineup and event plans!

LeClair Media video production company Canadian Music Photography shoot at Saskatchewan Jazz Festival with Jeffrey Straker


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