Japanese Matcha Photography and Videography

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LeClair Media Commercial Photography Japanese Matcha company from Vancouver, BC

This was a commercial photography and videography shoot in Uji, Kyoto, Japan for a matcha company in Vancouver, British Columbia with sales in many locations across North America & internationally.  Matcha is essentially green tea leaves that are dried and traditionally stone ground into a fine powder.  This matcha is made through the authentic Japanese stone-ground process as seen per the pictures.  They shade the plants temporarily to concentrate chlorophyll in the leaves, therefore obtaining a signature vibrant green tone.  An indicator of a high quality matcha therefore will be a very vibrant green colour.  It was a privilege to do a shoot for a product with such a history.  Uji is known to be the birthplace of Japanese matcha.  This particular Japanese tea producer has been in the tea business for 300 years.

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