Business Learnings in Your Down Time

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Business Learnings in Your Down Time

You may sit idle and wait for pandemic downtime to subside, or you can take this as an opportunity to utilize your time effectively to learn, adapt, plan ahead or create something new. There’s always a positive outlook amongst adversity.

I’ve come to enjoy seeking out online video interviews and authentic conversations with leaders in their profession & industry, or those whom have overcome major adversity with relatable stories. Therefore I’ve taken the time to hand select my top videos from the Impact Theory YouTube Channel. Impact theory is a longer formatted one on one interview series that has quite a diversity of personalities and people at the top of their professions. I personally find these types of talks very valuable as you are hearing first hand insights of top leaders in various fields. Each with unique perspectives and very different paths to which they got to where they are today.  I encourage you to view them all. Watching all 17 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix is a great option too perhaps to relax, but these are all exceptionally great talks each with valuable learnings.

Below are my handpicked top Impact Theory videos and a brief highlights of each.

Top Video List

1. “How to Stop Being Realistic and Shoot for the Moon” with Jesse ItzlerOne theme appears to be that he capitalizes on serendipity and welcomes the unknown as noted by the diversity of unique accomplishments done.  Note a unique technique in keeping in touch and reaching out to those whom are in the network or may be in the future network.
Per the video paraphrased  “when I was 24, I wrote 10 letters a day thank you notes to anyone in my life that impacted me, even if I didn’t know them.  Hand written notes, that show intent and are memorable”.  Which as mentioned he literally wrote 3000 letters in one year. However now to this day will take the same concept to stay in touch with his “top 50 list” and every quarter he will send an authentic message.  Authentic on a level of which to stay in touch on a personal level beyond business.

He’s tapped into a unique way to form a widespread reach and investment into social capital.  Breaking the ice through some form of  initial authentic positive communication eliminates the cold message for any real business encounters in the future.  As well highlights the fact in staying in touch with your top of mind within your main circle.

2. “The Real Woman Behind Molly’s Game on How to Reach True Fulfillment” with Molly Bloom.

One unique highlight, how she turned her “survival mode” in the toughest of times as a transformative powerful tool moving forward.

3. John Paul DeJoria on “The Power of Rejection”

Quite a unique story from homelessness twice to multi-billionaire businessman through Patron Tequila & John Paul Mitchell Systems.  Highlights noted to be prepared for a lot of rejection. You will be knocking on lots of doors and to keep the same enthusiasm as 1 to 101.

Create a product or service of the utmost quality and people will maintain long term reordering clients.  “If you are an entrepreneur services or a product, or work for a company with either a service or product.  Ensure your product is the utmost high quality”.   He infers that you do not want to be in the “sales” business, you want to be in the re-order business.  Shareable to their friends, and something they will want to use continually and reordering.

4. “How to Master Mental Toughness” with James Lawrence.
Fifty ironman triathlons, 50 days, 50 USA states. Just a reminder, an ironman triathlon on its own is a tremendous event even for the most elite athletes which entails a 3.86 KM swim, 180.25 KM bike, finished by a marathon 42.2 km run. What are the limits to the human body and human mind? Watch the video to find out.

5. Why A.I. Will Save the World with Peter Diamandis
Peter Diamandis is the founder of the XPRIZE,  amongst many other ventures and investments usually with the theme of disruptive  technologies.  He is also the author of “Bold” & “Abundance” in which I have personally read both and would recommend looking into further beyond the video.

6. How to Be an Adaptation Machine with Dean Kamen.
look into the thought processes of Dean Kamen whom has over 440 patents including the well known Segway.

7. Billionaire Ray Dalio explains “What to Do If Your Life Has Crashed”
Watch to see how Ray Dalio explains the principles that has implemented over the years in his life and business life.

8. From cleaning toilets to CEO, Leila Janah on “How Rejection Is Inevitable & the Key to Success & Grit”
Exceptional lessons from this social entrepreneur whom integrates the power of purpose directly into her business model.  Making the bold statement that she is capitalizing upon the most valuable underutilized and untapped resource & empowering human talent.

9. How to Be a Linchpin with Seth Godin. Seth notably mentions getting 800 rejection letters in the pursuit of selling his writings and how he overcame this.  Also I would recommend further readings into the books I have read of Seth including Purple Cow & Linchpin.

10. “How To Make Your Wildest, Craziest Dreams Real” with Anousheh AnsariAnouseh’s story includes many occurrences overcoming adversity in her journey.  Yet despite challenges has become a successful business business woman, XPRIZE CEO and astronaut.

11. “Multi-Billionaire Cuts the B.S. and Explains How To Succeed” with Tilman Fertitta.  Tilman, a multi billionaire and host of the popular show amongst entrepreneurs “Billionaire Buyer” gives discussion and insight into his business knowledge. Despite the magnitude of where he has got to today, he preaches the notion that he’s not on a different level than anyone else, he uses basic tools and attitude relatable to anyone.  These include the attitude to separate yourself from anyone else and to always become the best at whatever you do.


So there’s your top eleven video pics, each approximately an hour’s length therefore about 11 hours worth of content for you to review.  All are relevant with overlapping concepts for entrepreneurship, personal development, marketing, sales & social media marketing.

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