Commercial Photography with Jenna Rozlin

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LeClair Media Marketing Agency, recently did an exciting commercial photography / fashion photography shoot with Jenna Rozlin.  This shoot was for the partner company LeClair Organics.  I have decided upon quite a unique branding perspective for LeClair Organics.  The coffees themselves are unique species apart from the common arabica and quite rare to Canada.  Therefore this brand is positioned as more of a premium and unique offering.  The main influences for this shoot are quite different amongst the common coffee branding  Instead rather the brand aesthetic and photography samples I utilized as examples were from a few of my favorite premium spirit/liquor brands.  I also intentionally chose a darker shadow and Rembrandt lighting for many photos to set the mood of the shoot.

Usually I am the one managing the marketing project, or leading commercial photography with another brand for these creative shoots.  I’d say it was quite exciting in that I had the capability to lead a shoot for my own brand open to full creativity.

It was exciting to bring together a great team for this shoot:

Model: Jenna Rozlin

Makeup and Styling: Regi Sankey

Agency: Stray Management

Photography: Jeremy LeClair


Photography Below:

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